Best Places in Europe to Visit this Autumn

While 2020 has not been the best year for international tourism and things are still uncertain in the world, there are still plenty of amazing places that travelers can safely visit in Europe this autumn. Many of the top European destinations welcome visitors and offer fascinating experiences that combine natural exploration with cultural discovery. Most countries in Europe have implemented strong safety and health regulations both for tourists and for everyday life, so respecting them should be enough to enjoy a trouble-free vacation. There are so many amazing places to discover that it gets difficult to choose the best places in Europe to visit during the autumn of 2020. The travel industry has changed a lot this past year and some of the top destinations in the world have been the hardest hit by the Coronavirus pandemic. Nevertheless, there are other astonishing places that offer a wide diversity of things to see and do. The list below includes several recommendations for unique places to visit in Europe this fall.

  • Croatia – While the weather might get too cold to enjoy the amazing beaches of Croatia, the country has much more to offer, with superb islands that offer a well-deserved escape, as well as superb medieval cities and towns like Dubrovnik or Split, old villages that still preserve their traditions, spectacular natural parks with unbelievable natural wonders like the waterfalls of Plitvice or Krka and so much more.
  • Portugal – There are few places in the world that can match the beauty and diversity of Portugal. From the green mountains in the north to the beaches in the south and from the magnificent valley of the Douro River to the authentic charm of the capital Lisbon, this country is a perfect destination for the autumn of 2020. Portugal also has some of the best food and wine in Europe, doubled by the emotional Fado music.
  • Slovenia – The green heart of Europe is especially charming during the autumn, with its enchanting mountain forests turning into a multitude of colors. Slovenia is definitely among the safest places to visit right now in Europe and offers a wide variety of experiences, from the splendid capital of Ljubljana to the fascinating lake of Bled and from the stunning mountains to the deepest caves.
  • Malta – What better place to experience the last rays of the autumn sun than the Mediterranean island of Malta. It is one of the safest places in Europe and offers a unique and fascinating experience. With the impressive cultural heritage of Valletta, the majestic fortifications of Cottonera, the traditional fishing villages, the spectacular coast with splendid beaches and grottoes, the island of Malta truly is an unforgettable destination of Europe.
  • Faroe Islands – One of the hidden treasures of Europe is a group of islands lost in the North Atlantic Ocean between Scotland, Norway and Iceland. The Faroe Islands might be almost unknown to travelers, yet they are truly magnificent, with steep mountains and green rolling hills, rugged coast cliffs, traditional fishing villages and abundant wildlife. The archipelago is maybe the safest place to visit in Europe during the autumn of 2020.

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