5 Truly Unique Places to Visit in ENGLAND

Unique places to visit in UK

England – the birthplace of the universal language and many other phenomena! As part of a kingdom, it boasts not just beautifully preserved castles and landmarks of great historical importance, but some other genuinely unique places to visit.

Here is a handful of English treasures, we feel every love-travelling soul should see:

1. Greenwich Park – the Center or World Time

Greenwich Park - Number 1 of the unique places to visit in England

The splendor of this place just cannot be described in words. The setting, the energy, the view, the meridian, splitting the earth in 2… Everything is unique about this park. Even the grass looks greener over there.

If you’ve never been to Greenwich Park, you can find it embracing a panoramic hill top by the Thames riverbank in sought-east London. And if you climb to the top, you can enjoy the best view of the capital!

There you’ll also find the Royal Observatory, full of amazing things to see, starting from the courtyard where the Prime Meridian is marked with a big golden line. Going to the home of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), you can’t miss taking a selfie with one foot in the eastern hemisphere and the other in the western!

The majestic Maritime Museum down the hill is definitely worth a visit too.

Once you visit Greenwich park, you’ll know why it’s at the top of our list of unique places to visit in England!

2. The Universe of HARRY POTTER

Harry Potter Warner Bros studio in London

Only one book series in the world has sold as much as 600 million copies and that’s the British sequence about Harry Potter! Its huge popularity has naturally inspired a countless number of attractions throughout England. The most popular amongst them is the Warner Bros. Studio in London, where you can truly immerse yourself in the magician’s fantasy world!

You can also enjoy one of the famous West End shows about the wizard combined with a dinner at one of the Potter-themed restaurants across London. You can even sleep at a Hogwarts-themed suite at the George House Hotel!

To board the original Hogwarts Express train at ‘Platform 9¾’, head to the enchanting town of Oxford. There you can also go on a tour around the stunning gothic building of the Divinity School – one of the series’ filming locations.

On GetYourGuide to Harry Potter England you can find 100+ similar experiences with reviews and recommendations.

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3. A 300 YEAR OLD TEA SHOP – the Start of the British Tea Era

Twinings Tea Shop in London - one of the unique places to visit in England

Twinings’ flagship store, opened its doors on London’s famous West End street, The Strand, back in 1706. Through that century, the healthy hot drink became extremely popular nationwide.  

At some point, the shop was called ‘Golden Lyon’ and its unique signature façade still features a lion with two Chinamen on each side.

Apart from the huge selection of tea on offer, there’s also a sampling tea bar with herbal and tea blending masterclasses. And at the back of the shop you’ll find the charming little Tea Museum, packed with so much to see! Most importantly, you’ll be able to feel the essence of how tea became so popular in England.

4. The BEATLES’ Hometown and Museum – Liverpool

Unique places to visit in England - Beatles' hometown Liverpool

John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr formed the iconic English rock band the Beatles in 1960 and basically changed the world. Not just through their ‘Revolution’ song but with everything they represented – Love, Freedom, Unity… Since then, 3 of their albums have set Guinness World Records!

Liverpool gave birth to the Beatles and the Beatles gave new life to Liverpool. “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one”. Don’t just imagine a better world, go to ❤️️Liverpool❤️️

5. The Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew

Kew Gardens. London

Kew Gardens, as commonly called in England, is the largest UNESCO World Heritage site in London and the most biodiverse place on the planet! There are over 50,000 living plants from all over the world. Some are so rare that the only other place you can find them is their motherland. Just like the national heritage of the Seychelles – Coco de Mer or ‘coconut of the sea’ in English. It’s considered the largest seed on Earth, weighing up to 18 kg. It looks pretty interesting too, resembling female body parts, according to ‘experts’. 😊

Double sea coconut
Coco de Mer – double sea coconut

There are so many outstanding places, attractions and tours you can embark on through the whole of England. As it’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in world, it’s always worth booking your tickets in advance not just to ensure your space is reserved, but often to save money too. Some sites even offer a free ‘skip the queue‘ option when you book online, so you have more time and energy to enjoy your chosen place of interest. However, if you decide to visit an attraction when you’re already there, tiqets.com offer an easy last-minute booking online where you get an e-ticket on your phone straight away!


Which of these unique places to visit in England would you pick first?

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