Lebanon: Where History, Culture, and Cuisine Converge in the Middle East

Travel to Lebanon and the Middle East

If you are looking for a destination that offers a rich blend of history, culture, and cuisine, look no further than Lebanon. This small but vibrant country in the Middle East is a treasure trove of ancient ruins, diverse traditions, and mouthwatering dishes that will satisfy your curiosity and appetite.

Lebanon: A Land of Ancient Civilizations and Wonders

Lebanon has a long and fascinating history that dates back to the Phoenicians, one of the most powerful sea-faring civilizations in the world. They ruled the territory for almost 3,000 years and left behind a legacy of art, trade, and alphabet that influenced many cultures. You can explore their heritage at sites such as Byblos, one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, and Baalbek, a majestic complex of Roman temples and columns.

Lebanon: A Melting Pot of Religions and Cultures

Lebanon also boasts a rich and varied culture that reflects its location at the crossroads of the Mediterranean and the Arabian hinterlands. The country is home to 18 recognized religious sects, each with its own customs and celebrations. You can witness the diversity of Lebanon’s culture in its architecture, music, literature, and festivals. For example, you can visit the stunning mosque of Mohammad Al-Amin in Beirut, the capital city, and admire its Ottoman-style domes and minarets. You can also listen to the enchanting melodies of the oud, a traditional string instrument, or read the works of famous Lebanese poets and writers, such as Khalil Gibran and Amin Maalouf.

Famous mosque in Beirut, Lebanon
Mohammad Al-Amin in Beirut

Lebanon: A Feast of Flavors and Delicacies

Of course, no trip to Lebanon would be complete without sampling its delicious cuisine, which is a harmonious mix of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and French influences. The Lebanese diet is rich in whole grains, fruits, vegetables, fresh fish, and seafood, as well as olive oil, garlic, and lemon juice. Some of the most popular dishes include hummus, a chickpea puree; tabbouleh, a parsley and bulgur salad; kibbeh, a mixture of bulgur and meat; and manakish, a flatbread topped with zaatar, cheese, or meat. You can also enjoy a variety of sweets, such as baklava, a pastry filled with nuts and honey; sfouf, a semolina cake flavored with turmeric and anise; and ka’ak, a ring-shaped bread sprinkled with sesame seeds.


Lebanon is a country that will surprise and delight you with its history, culture, and cuisine. Whether you are interested in exploring ancient sites, learning about different traditions, or tasting new flavors, you will find something to suit your taste in Lebanon.

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