Top 3 Tours of the USA

Dreaming about going on a road trip? What better place to make your wish come true than the “Land of Dreams”. As one of the largest and most developed countries in the world, USA boasts many spectacular tour routes. Here are the top three:

1. The Classic ROUTE 66

Crossing USA diagonally from Chicago to LA, gave Route 66 the nickname The Great Diagonal Way. It was established a hundred years ago and step by step, it gained the grand title of The Main Street of America. The route is nearly 4000km (2500mi) long and full of iconic American spots and big neon signs.

Starting from the “City by the Lake” cross-desert to the golden sands of the “City of Angels”, the humbling landscapes you’ll witness along the way will stay with you forever… But what’s truly unique about Route 66, are all its historical stops. So, if you want to experience both the past and present of the “Land of Liberty”, hit Highway 66!

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2. Tour of the US National Parks

With 63 national parks, boasting exceptional geological features, the “New World” can be a real paradise for nature lovers. And there are so many different routes to choose from if you decide to embark on a tour of the owe-inspiring American parks.

Whatever route you pick, make sure you don’t miss USA’s very first national park – the Yellowstone National Park. It’s even believed to be the first in the world! Yellowstone is not just a giant volcano, but a giant piece of natural art, bursting with color instead of lava. Imagine vibrant sunny shades, turquoise geysers and… bubbling mud! 🙃

The majestic Grand Canyon National Park is also an unmissable stop, which is why it’s included in many guided adventure tours of the US.

3. The Great American Crossing

Crossing the US from coast to coast is the ultimate American road trip! To make the most of the journey from New York to San Francisco, you’d ideally need about 3 weeks. One of the most memorable stops along this route is, undoubtedly, the world’s fastest-moving waterfall – Niagara.

You’ll also have the chance to enjoy New England‘s enchanting natural beauty and historic heritage, starting from Massachusetts’ capital Boston.

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Crossed USA flags

From colossal natural landmarks that can silence your mind to the electrifying buzz of iconic American cities, this land has all you can dream up for your perfect road trip!

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