Visiting Paris BEFORE, DURING and AFTER the Olympics

This summer, Paris will host the 2024 Olympics for the third time, marking exactly 100 years since it last held the event in 1924. 🎉🎉🎉

It’s worth mentioning that the first ‘Olympiade Paris’ in 1900 was also the first that allowed women to take part!

The Olympic Games will officially start on Friday 26th July and end on Sunday 11th August, followed by the Paralympic Games from 28th August to 8th September.

And the Olympic Village in Paris has already been inaugurated! So, if you’re eager to immerse yourself in the world’s biggest sporting competition, you could head to the French capital right away. 😊

Visit Paris BEFORE the Olympics

Paris before the Olympics

If you can’t wait to experience the 2024 Summer Games, Paris is well worth a visit this Spring. The city of romance has already started to sparkle under the Olympic spotlight. Not just the Olympic Village and numerous shops with Olympic merch, but the whole capital and surrounding areas have now embraced the upcoming OLYMPICS

And, as an early bird, you’d benefit from cheaper flights and hotel stays too.

Prior to the big event in Paris, you have the chance to embark on an ‘Olympic Games Bike Tour’. It’s only available BEFORE the Olympics, so if you like the sound of it, be quick to book it on or straight on here.

And if you’re into athletics yourself, you’ll love what the organizers of this year’s Olympic Run are offering enthusiasts for the ultimate Pre-Olympics experience… Every weekend up until the end of June you can take part in a Private Olympic Run along river Seine! If you’re up for this memorable 11km challenge, check prices and availability here.

If running and cycling don’t appeal to you, you can go on a hop on and off sightseeing bus tour around the French capital before many major streets get closed for the games.

The river Seine will also be restricted during the Olympics. So, if you’re visiting Paris earlier, you’ll still be able to enjoy one of the magic boat trips along the French riviere. In fact, the experience is this year’s NUMBER 1 ‘Top Best Things to Do in Paris’, according to over 25,000 reviews on TripAdvisor. You can check ticket prices and availability on TripAdvisor’s booking platform or directly on the page of the attraction here.

Visiting Paris DURING the Olympics

Paris during the Olympics 2024 (visualization)

If you’re lucky enough to be able to visit Paris during the Olympics, “c’est super”, like the French say.

If you haven’t booked tickets to the games yet, there’s still availability on the competition’s official website Or if you have, you can get admission to more Olympic activities. This year, you can witness 2 sports for the very 1st time during the Olympics – Skateboarding and Climbing.

Hotel prices during the games are about twice as high currently, but there is still availability. Whether you’re on the hunt for the lowest possible rate or you’re after a luxurious experience, make sure you get the best deal on your stay by comparing hotel prices. At present, the cost of accommodation in Paris before and after the games starts from about 50 Euros per night, while during the official event it’s from around 100 Euros according to They compare hotel prices from the top booking platforms, Agoda, Super, Zen Hotels and more. And you can conveniently sort results not only by price, but by star and guest ratings too. If you’re after a specific Olympic location for your stay, you can select it on the HotelLook map and “Voilà”! 🍀

During this year’s Olympics, people will have the unique opportunity to go on an Olympic Venue Highlight Tour by car throughout the capital! Curious about all the Olympic stops? Have a look here.

And if you’re keen on visiting a particular museum or attraction in Paris during the games, make sure you reserve a ‘skip the line’ ticket online! You can do so on GET YOUR GUIDE to Paris Olympics.


Visiting Paris AFTER the Olympics

Paris after the Olympics 2024 (visualization)

After the Olympics, you can easily book a fully guided all-inclusive tour through Paris and the surrounding areas at a good rate! That’s not feasible during the busy Olympics period and still expensive prior to that. You can check out the most preferred tour routes through Paris here.

Did you know you could also download a self-guided audio tour straight on your phone? If that resonates with you, you can explore the attractions, offering this handy option in Paris on here.

The benefits of visiting Post-Olympic Paris are not just cheaper hotel prices and much less congestion. You can also still visit the Olympic Village, open up until the end of the Paralympics on 8th September. And, of course, enjoy the end of Summer in French elegance and style!

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