7 Holiday Destinations for Flower Lovers

Destinations for flower lovers

Spring is the time of year when flower lovers rise and bloom together as one with nature! And what better way to celebrate your love of flowers, than to plan a trip to a beautiful garden abroad?

Check out these 7 floral journey ideas:

    1. Hidden Gardens of North Wales 🌼

    Discover the Plas Cadnant Hidden Gardens on the Welsh Isle of Anglesey! It consists of 3 separate gardens, where you’ll find some rare plants, several waterfalls, unusually curved walls and charming little cottages.

    The ‘Hidden Gardens’ were restored just before this millennium and are considered as one of the best kept secrets of Wales. Find out more local treasures on Get Your Guide to WALES.

    2. Malacca Botanical Garden, Malaysia 🍊

    There is so much to see and admire in the Malaysian Botanical Garden! The Prehistoric Garden, a Forest Museum, an Orange Garden, a Deer Garden and more. There are observation towers too, from where you can contemplate all this beauty.

    3. Gardens and Wildlife of Western Canada 🍁

    Witness the spectacular gardens in Vancouver and Victoria, green all year round! While you’re there, you can also observe the popular British-Columbian black bears… You can see lions too or go whale watching.

    If you like the sound of such adventure, check out this Guided Wildlife Tour of Western Canada.

    4. Balchik Botanic Garden and Palace, Bulgaria 🌹

    The Royal Garden in the small coastal town of Balchik, is the most diverse botanical garden in the EU. It also boasts a large rose garden with a distinctive arch and stunning sea view!

    Their impressive Cactus exhibition, with cacti of every shape and size, is well worth a visit too.

    5. Gardens of Mallorca, Spain 🌺

    To get away from the crowded coast of this beloved resort, head to inland Mallorca. There, you’ll discover vibrant flower gardens, orange fields and idyllic landscapes! You can also hop on a panoramic train ride through the local mountains and take some exceptional images.

    See what else you can do on the island on Get Your Guide to MALLORCA.

    6. Gardens of the French Riviera 🌷

    To experience nature in style, explore the gardens of the French Riviera! You’ll see some of the finest gardens on the planet, combined with the bright sunshine and turquoise landscapes of Sothern France…

    If that got you dreaming, have a look at this Fully-guided tour of the French Riviera and its exquisite gardens.

    7. Spice Gardens, Sri Lanka 🍀

    You’ll be truly mesmerized by the exotic beauty of Sri Lanka, its numerous spice gardens, serene sandy beaches and Royal Botanical Gardens! You can buy the world renowned Sri Lankan spices from their source and learn more about the many health benefits they offer.

    Royal Botanical Garden, Sri Lanka

    Did we manage to bring your imagination into blossom?
    If so, put your pink glasses on and embark on your next trip to Paradise!

    For more inspiration, read: The Magic Land of BONSAI – Kagawa, Japan

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