Benefits of eSIM Cards for International Travel

International Travel and Mobile Connectivity

“Can I use my internet abroad? What about making and receiving calls when overseas? And, are roaming charges really that scary?” ONE THING IS CERTAIN – you’d inevitably need to use your phone when going to a foreign country. And if you value your time and money, you would get an eSIM for international travel!

What is an eSIM card

An eSIM is a digital version of a physical SIM card. It can either be used together with the standard/ Nano SIM you already have or completely replace the need for a physical card in your device. The best part about it is that with eSIMs – it’s all up to you!

Benefits of using an eSIM for international travel

  • Instant internet connectivity and better connection quality
  • Select and control your overseas data usage, calls and texts
  • No need to keep and switch multiple physical SIM cards, nor having a dual SIM device
  • PAY AS YOU GO (no contract)
  • Reduce your carbon footprint

Which eSIM is the best

To make the most of the advantages of virtual SIM cards for travelling, it would be best to download an eSIM app. Just like the FREE eSIM app, offered by Airalo, known as the very first online SIM store. It makes using and connecting your phone even quicker when abroad, especially if you are a frequent traveler!

The app can activate your chosen plan for you as soon as you land, so you don’t loose connectivity or time setting it up. It can also send you reminders and notifications about your mobile usage.

If you often travel abroad or visit particular foreign countries on regular basis, you can prepay for different services, depending on where you’re going. And the app can change between your mobile plans automatically, based on your current location. It can even suggest better options for your particular usage!

eSIM for international travel – the CONCLUSION

Whether you’re planning your next holiday or you’re a frequent traveler, the benefits of using an eSIM to stay connected abroad are unparalleled. SIMply, get an eSIM app!

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