The Allure of VIETNAM and its 1600 Islands

Vietnam's unique islands

Can’t picture a land with over 1600 islands in all shapes and sizes? Then imagine endless emerald hills, red dunes, white beaches and turquoise waters… All coming together in wanderlust Vietnam!

You can find the Tropical Buddhist country in Southeast Asia, gracefully stretching along the Eastern Sea of the Pacific Ocean. Like a thousand-mile rocky bridge, connecting the Gulf of Tonkin with the Gulf of Thailand. It borders China to the North, the green lands of Laos and Cambodia to the West, and the infinite blue to the South and East.

HA LONG BAY, Northeast Vietnam

Halong Bay, Vietnam

Ha Long Bay harbors the majority of Vietnam’s numerous islands and islets, revealing truly unique natural views. The extraordinary limestone isle multitude has rightfully earned this Vietnamese bay the title of a UNESCO World Heritage! It’s a bliss for hiking, climbing, scuba diving and landscape photography.

Boat trips are naturally very popular in the area, but to make the most of this island treasury, you can embark on an exciting kayaking tour or a luxury two-day cruise! Explore the options on Get Your Guide to HA LONG BAY.

MOUNT FANSIPAN, Northwest Vietnam

Highest bronze Buddha statue in Asia

The Vietnamese mountain Fansipan is the highest peak in the Indochinese Peninsula, which is why locals call it “The Roof of Indochina”, as well as “The Sea of Clouds”. And on the “roof”, towering above the clouds, you can see a colossal bronze monument of Buddha! It was recognized by the Guinness World Records as the copper statue at the highest altitude in Asia.

In fact, this is just one of many Buddha representations you can witness throughout Vietnam, among other impressive sculptures. For the most glorious Vietnamese statuesclick here.

The GOLDEN BRIDGE of Vietnam

The Golden Bridge with two hands in Vietnam

The Golden Bridge, “Cầu Vàng” in Vietnamese, was built in 2019 in a mountain resort, not far from the East Sea coast. Since then, the architectural masterpiece brings people closer to heaven, both literally and metaphorically! The divine views, revealed from the bridge, are golden indeed…


Dragon Bridge over Han River in Vietnam

In the coastal city of Da Nang, close to the Golden Bridge, you can find another spectacular way over Han River. That’s the world’s largest dragon-shaped steel bridge with a 666 meter dragon and 6 car lanes.

Dragons symbolize PROSPERITY in Vietnamese culture, and the Dragon Bridge represents the thriving development of Da Nang. The city is also known for its clear sandy beaches and vibrant green hills.

DA LAT – The city of Thousand Flowers

Nestled in the Southern part of the country, Da Lat and its surroundings are praised as the most beautiful part of Vietnam! The local floral landmarks and many romantic spots gave Da Lat the poetic names of “City of Thousand Flowers” and Asian “City of Love“.

Discover all its God-given and man-made beauties on Get Your Guide to DA LAT.

‘Long Beach’ on Phu Quoc island, Vietnam

With SO MUCH MORE to admire throughout the country, this wondrous destination is definitely worth travelling from coast to coast! You can check the best roundtour options on the TourHub of VIETNAM.

Visit the heavenly land of Vietnam and literally touch the sky! Once you feel its ethereal energy, you might just want to stay forever…

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